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Water Ski World Championships, 2021 - INTERVIEWS


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MB interviews some of the top athletes from the 2021 Water Ski World Championships

0:00 - Intro
1:01 - Vince Stadlbaur: TWBC
1:48 - Dane Mechler: Ran 41 in Preliminary RunOff
4:05 - Scott Ellis: Oldest guy to make the Finals of a World Championships
6:12 - Freddie Winter: 4th place, Men's Slalom
8:08 - Jake Abelson: 3rd place, Men's Trick, at age 13
9:18 - Rob Hazelwood: 8th Place, Men's Slalom
11:12 - Jacinta Carroll: World Jump Champion
12:30 - Jakob Bogne: 17th Place Men's Slalom
14:14 - Dorien Llewellyn: World Trick Champion
16:11 - Sacha Descuns: 12th Place, Men's Slalom
18:49 - JD Wiswall: National Jump Champion
20:23 - Karen Truelove: 5th Place, Women's Slalom

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