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The new flips


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No doubt, these are awesome tricks. The skills required are phenomonal. They look cool as well.

The reverse front flip to front (RFFLF) is a unique and a spectacular trick.

The ski line flips look exactly like the flip that doesn't (?) go over the rope. The ski on both tricks is way over the rope. It's a pretty technical difference to land in front of vs behind the handle but not visually obvious. I've seen a couple in the wild and judged a few but have not been able to recognize the difference. 

While the judging might be a problem, I worry a bit about the spectator appeal. If a senior judge has a hard time seeing differences with a couple video looks, how can a spectator on shore get a good feel for the competitive differences? Of course, trick judging is far from transparent so maybe it's just part of the sport. I hope I don't screw a skier out of the points because I'm so impressed by any full twisting or 540 flip that I miss the ski line part.

Congratulations to those skiers in the video!


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