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Different adjustments for different skis?


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While I could adjust perfectly to changes of water temperature by moving the front binding on my Fischer (in tiny increments), this method wouldn't work at all with the HO A1. On that ski I am having good results with moving the fin forward (which is much more time consuming, of course) in colder water.

Also in other aspects in setting up the A1 I have the feeling that it reacts differently to adjustments than my former ski. Do different ski react differently to adjustments in general?

Or maybe the sweet spot on the A1 is so small that it just doesn't allow binding movements...?

Just thinking (instead of lurking)



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same basic principles apply to all skis but they def have their own personalities.

ski performance links a number of characteristics together so depending on where you're at in terms of line length and ski tuning, adjustments might work out or feel different.

anything that impacts the water will see a greater force against it as the water cools:

front of ski raised (bow wave/sidewall/bevel pressure)
fin blade has more grip in the thicker water (reducing slip on the ski)
wing has more force

boots forward a bit or drop a size in ski,
A reduction in fin area/fin back (harder to do)
or move fin forward to restore slip (easier)
reduction in wing angle

I dropped to the 66.25 ski and made appropriate adjustments, skis great. i think i will stay on the 66.25 too.



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