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Bruce Butterfield does it again


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  • Baller_

Thanks guys. Its good to know my contributions are appreciated and help out.


Than, in the Open article, I'm the ugly guy demonstrating the wrong way to do things!


IMHO, the black top Monzas are the best ski built to date. The magic was lost after that run. Still looking for the 2nd best one, or one that can replace it......


Brent, I like GOOD beer, GOOD wine, GOOD Gin...... Ham and the rest of you can have all the PBRs you want.

If it was easy, they would call it Wakeboarding

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  • Baller
Ah great beer and great gin... I knew I joined this forum for a reason! Sapphire man myself. But mostly love great beer. (anything from Stone, Bear Republic, OsKar Blues, Dogfish, etc. .. to many great ones to mention)
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