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First ever OTF!


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So despite the video I posted a few weeks ago I really don't fall too often. On a typical 3 set 18 pass night I might have one pass that I'm not riding my ski into the drop zone- usually from a minor mishap; mishandle the handle or whatnot.


But last night there were wakeboarders out at the club and I decided to take a "mega set" and got out of position which I blame for my first ever OTF front flip superman impression. I guess I don't need to describe it in detail since you've all done it. It was a little thrilling but mostly scary as hell- If I go many years without doing that again I'll be good. On a good note I landed on my back, didn't hurt anything, and was able to ski a few more passes. The Strada bindings released like a charm though it took me a minute to find all my equipment- I guess that's what they call a yard sale. If only I had video!


Gonna slow it back down a little tonight.

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