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Pacific NW Ballers , The Broho 3 Rounder w/Novice is this Saturday !


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If you live anywhere remotely close to the Seattle area, this Saturday's event promises great conditions, the latest promo boats, and an included BBQ lunch. The water level is perfect, OfficerFriendly has the whole place mowed/trimmed, and the Corgis will be there. If tournaments make you all nervous, but you feel the need to ski, then join us for the "N" group, which has a slightly lower entry fee, and gets you 4 passes per round with drops at every end (if wanted).


http://sanctions.dataweb.com/default.view?_mode=details&TournAppID=12W107 for more info,


or email richard@burienautorepair.com


as always, it will be a beautiful day at the lake.....


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Thank you Richard. The foot doctor took 2 bone chips out of my foot about 3 weeks ago. Long story, but I was in a hurry to get into my boots during a gathering on our club course, and I did not use enough sope and forced my foot into my bindings. This stressed my bone, and broke 2 chips off my rear foot. I should be good to go in a month or so. My stupid mistake. You keep learning in life. Good luck with this Saturday!
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