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Jobe Rogue Bindings Unboxing


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  • Baller
One thing the color does or will do is make them instantly recognizable as "Jobe". This is common in alpine ski boots, motocross bikes and probably some other products as well. You see the color and you go "oh, that's a _______". Kind of like Goode black and orange (except for the Nano twist, Fire, etc.). In alpine ski boots you see a certain blue and that's Lange, orange is Technica, white is Head, fluorescent yellow is Fischer, and on and on. I think it's a good marketing idea.
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  • Baller_

Jobe store unboxed....Kinda..Stopped by the Jobe Store in Orlando today. It was on the way to an appointment. Wow the store is niiiiice. Very open with everything on high end displays and there was a lot to display. Felt like a high end clothing boutique. But absolutely no sales attemp by staff. I spent 15 mn in the store literally checking everything out. Took skies off the fancy racks, pulled wetsuites and rash gaurds off hangers, and walked around a bit with the Rogue boot in hand. Put everything back of course but the only verbal recognition I received was when I walked in the door.... quote "hi"... from a sales women (I guess she was sales) who didnt even look up from her computer. That was it for 15 mn of me messing with stuff. No "how can I help" or "can I answer any questions" absolutely nothing. Maybe I had my "I'm not buying anything" sign on my back. Ill try again if I'm down that way and see if they do demos. That's if I can get there attention. Maybe dropping a ski would do it. Hmmm? Make that a wakeboard.


The Rogue boot felt well built, stiff and suprisingly heavy.

Rogue ski also felt suprisingly heavy. Like the HO CoX did or does

Would be interesting to see what the weight diff is between a Nano 1 with Stradas and the Rogue ski and boots.


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