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With a 1-ball like this, how far would you get?


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  • Baller_

With a one ball like that, I would make it back to the wake. My ski, on the other hand, would be in the next county.


Her recovery is unbelievable. She adjusted and repointed that ski so fast it's almost like she stopped time to do it.

The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.

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  • Baller

Reggie and Nate are very similar in one respect.......... when they have a poor turn like that, they point their knees the direction they want the ski to go to drive it back down and across.


Another thing............ look how upright and over the center of the ski she is in the gate glide. That carries throughout the course. Her shoulders are directly over her hips, which are directly over the center of the ski. Most of us, in an attempt to create a stacked position, bring our shoulders back too far in relation to our hips and end up getting behind our feet.

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