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Print Your Own Skis


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Here's an amazing idea! A carbon fiber printer - http://markforged.com/


Looks like it can currently print something that's approximately 6"x6"x12" (big enough for fins and almost for bindings!). Since it's just an X,Y,Z axis machine, in theory it can be as big as necessary to "print a ski".


Imagine sending a video of you skiing to one of the ski manufacturers and them sending you the equivilant of a PDF back to print!

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That is insanely cool but... first you have to have the knowledge to program the CAD file and then how is the ski cured? I do not seen any compression. What is resin content? I am going to say if I gave one of these things to an ski industry engineer they would take it home to play with but never build a ski with it.
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