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Rodgers and Mapple


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  • Baller_

@MS. I'm sure they are.


I find Jeff to be an inspiration to say the least. Here is a guy that works full time, made his own lake (I think), is a family man, a Christian all the way, a skier that can get it done no matter what the equipment or age, a warrior on the water, someone more comfortable out of the lime light, humble, helpful, generous, kind, a person of character and a character..... and seems to just always be happy.


Funny thing is, I've never really met the man. Seen him over the yrs at pro stops. But everything I've read or heard about him ALL points to the above listed. That says a hell of a lot for someone you've never met. If there was ANY skier on the planet I would like to sit down for several hours and just chat and have a beer or two, it would be Jeff Rogers. He is an inspiration, and the example of what skiing can be all about. Good luck to him and here's hoping he continues for many many years and sets the bar for all of us to reach in life and in our skiing.



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  • Baller

excellent Mapple team member addition!


can recall these two going head to head at a KOJ In His Wakes exhibit/OWC in '04. They both got through 39.5 and if memory servers correctly JR got a piece of 4 at 41off and AM just inside of it! Both were riding AM's Sixam 1.0 Awesome skiing!


It will be interesting to see how many 41's JR runs on the M6.1


must confess to being a huge fan of both.


shots of each rounding 2B at 10.75









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  • Baller

This is great. Great for the sport. I have had the fortune of skiing with Andy a good bit over the last year and a half, and the way I have been treated by him and everyone at team Mapple has made me a Mapple skier for as long as they will allow me to be. I have known Jeff for years, but had the fortune of skiing with him quite a bit last year, and really got to know him more. Jeff is everything he appears to be. Humble, a great family man, a devout Christian, an incredible skier, and a really great friend. Often in our sport, we tend to be, well, picky. About the boat. And the driver. The conditions. Whatever. Andy and Jeff (and Chris Parrish, Aidan, Marion, Scott, and Nicole), without telling me, but by showing me, that skiing really should be fun first. I got the chance to drive for Andy in June - could not believe he asked me to pull him. I've never had the chance to pull anyone to deep 41 before, so I'm certain that it was not perfect. He told me the pull felt good, and thanked me for driving. When I had a chance to start skiing with Jeff, the experience was the same. I feel like I'm a decent driver, but there have been times pulling Jeff that I think it was the worst pull he could possibly have (let's just say Jeff can pull you around...a lot). I've apologized at the end - he smiles, and asks "for what?" He knew...


BTW, it won't be the mystery black ski with a Mapple sticker. I don't know what he's riding at the moment, but I pulled him on both at the end of last year. Deep 41 on both. With me driving.


I could not be happier for Jeff and for Mapple. Even more reason for me to be a Mapple skier!

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