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iOS Login Issues


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Has anyone been having trouble logging in from iOS devices? I have been trying to help a user but not sure this is a wide spread problem or not. My usual fixes seem not to be working for him.


Here is the process I wrote for the FAQ that seems to work 9/10 times.


Apple mobile devices login troubleshoot guide.

1. Completely close Safari by double clicking the home button twice quickly then swipe up on the Safari App.

2. Shut off you device completely then reboot.

3. Go to Settings->Safari->Block Cookies->From third parties and advertisers (you can also click never)

4. Launch Safari then go to the mobile forum. Sign in with your username and password. Click "Done" on the keyboard and make sure "Keep me signed in" then click "Sign In"


If your problem continues contact me and we can try to figure out a solution.

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I log in with my laptop (windows 7) using IE without a problem. Logging in with my iPhone (iOS7) and Safari is also no problem - uses the "mobile version". Login in with an iPad Mini (iOS7 and Safari) does not work. I can see the "desktop version" of the forum and read posts but it will not accept my user name and password.
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