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  • Baller

Boat went in yesterday.

We do not expect more than a few freezing night now so it is safe to pur it in.

So I got my first set yesterday!

There was a bit of ice on the shoreline the other day.

So water was 0C. Air a few degres but better in the sun.

I hope Horton do not read this.

With BI type -97 I expect a comment about my brain capabilites.


One could debate if there is

nothing right in my left side and

nothing left in my right side.


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  • Baller_

Still no first ride in Michigan for me. My actual first ride of 2014 was with @Wish and his neighbor in Florida on April 6. Many thanks to @Wish and his neighbor for their hospitality and a very nice site.


I've been sick since I returned from Florida and the site prep for our club is not done to begin skiing. Working on that this weekend - maybe a run then?


I think I like Florida better than Michigan.

The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.

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