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Something fun to watch as the weather cools off.


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Wow. What a valuable piece of history. Something else seeing people from 37 years ago.

For a link on the placements, see:



Camille 3rd in tricks! Boy, that is a shocker. And, showing her doing reverse toes. Maybe

even more astounding is Mike Hazelwood 2nd in tricks and not far off the winning score.


Appears that both MasterCraft and Correct Craft pulled the event. Note the SL buoys, which

appear enormous compared to what they are now.


The Waterski Hall of Fame should be given this video, if they don't have it already.


Good size crowd there. The US Team people start to appear around the 5 minute mark.


Those jump skis sure look tiny, compared to current designs.


That site is what formerly was Mussolini's seaplane base, called Idroscalo. Looks like it

had significant backwash.


For more information about this and other World Championships, see:



In the team overall, Venezuela apparently gave the US some good competition, thanks to

their tricking skills.


Thanks to @wish for the posting.

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