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Horton Horton

US Open Results


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Nate Smith 9.75 1.0

Chris Parrish 10.25 4.0

Joel Howley 10.25 3.5

Will Asher 10.25 3.0

Brian Detrick 10.25 2.3


Tied for 3 spots in the finals....

Aaron Larkin 10.25 2.0

Jon Travers 10.25 2.0

Daniel Odvarko 10.25 2.0

Nick Parsons 10.25 2.0

Terry Winter 10.25 2.0

Pietari Ronkko 10.25 2.0

Thibaut Dailland 10.25 2.0



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  • Baller_
On a 4 buoy course for the finals, does anyone think Nate could possibly run 43 off? Are they using Nautiques? I know it wouldn't be a record, but it would still be a tremendous achievement.

The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.

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