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@Rico you rat bastard


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Thanks for the terrible idea @‌Rico


I spent a ride running 32 off at 36 mph today. Missed my first one and then ran maybe 5 more. They all sucked until the last one or two. Why did I do this?

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We run a 36 mph mini-tourney among 34 mph skiers the day after skiwatch with typically 4 or so skiers. This year @MS got it done running straight thru 35 off at 36. TJ went thru 32 off and down at 35. @razorskier1 blew an early pass, then "non-santioned" re-do went thru 35 off at 36. I was only the driver this year given my healing neck.


It's really kinda fun. Last year everyone was forced to start at 22/36 which was a scary pass...I hadn't skied 22 for probably 10 years and thought that was the toughest pass. No one looked good there and most had to gut it out. Once up to 28 off everyone started to look better.

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