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Radar P6 and Lyric binding factory mounting


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I centered the front boot plate. Start at the front and install the first screws in the center supplied holes, and install the back screws in their corresponding holes. I don't have the ski with me, its in our boat at the marina, but the are a series of front holes, use the center holes.

We run a double boot set up not an RPT. So mount the RPT approximately 1" from the Rear of the front boot. That's the info I received from Performance Ski. We ran the ski with that set up for 4 days, and my wife was happy with it, no adjustments needed.

Do hand thread the screws in as I had 2 holes that had bad threads and needed tapped out. Tighten in a star pattern top right then left lower etc. Snug in place then finish with drill set on 7 for your torque setting. Have fun.

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