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Orlando: comments about this past weekend at Jodi's and Wilson Bro's from a novice


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  • Baller

We just had our company sales conference in Tampa. After reading some prior posts, I mustered up the courage to send my ski vs. my golf clubs. I decided to go out early and make the drive to Orlando. I cracked a few ribs skiing in early December, so my weight loss and conditioning has been hampered. This was my first "professional" ski lesson..ever, but not my last!!!


Both coaches quickly put me at ease. I am sure they would rather work with someone who can "fix" their issue while in the lesson, but none the less, they made me feel like a brother in arms. Even if you are a beginner, don't be afraid of seeking them out. I should say, ESPECIALLY if you are beginner. I have a much deeper appreciation of what's going with me, and knowledge of what's going on with most of these posts. I only wished I had more time and energy. Oh, yeah, buy your beer/liquor the night before. They don't sell it in some counties before 9am.


Jodi's Ski Skool

Logan was my instructor. He quickly saw a flaw (sagging dropping back hip) and we worked on it...not in the course. After about 25 minutes of instruction/getting my butt kicked by the time zone change/5 hour plane ride I was done. Logan gave me some great take aways. I rode in the boat and watched some amazing Asian Student skiers who are staying with Jodi. They have equipment available for those that don't come equipped and were very easy to find.



Wilson Bro's

Brooks Wilson, what a cool dude. We started out with an attempt at the course. We worked on getting my back hip up, standing tall and working my off hand in concert with my hip. Handle down/hip up/chest proud and brace. Again, I appreciated the concern shown for something he must say 1,000 times a year. Basically, same thing as Logan with a different approach - I'm only riding 1/2 the ski, if I rode the whole ski I would never feel like I'm sinking. Met a nice family from New Hampshire (from course skier to 1st time on water) and a guy from Illinois who filmed me. Great site. Love the set-up.





I stopped by Performance Ski and Surf. WOW. What a great shop. I buy from them online, but wanted to thank them for their great customer service, which is only out done being there in person. I told them I was from So. Cal. out on biz, but I signed up for some private lessons. They told me to grab my ski and to mold my Vapor Intuition liners (correctly). They smiled when I walked in with my ski...... with the Perf & Ball of Spray stickers on my ski.


I stopped by Orlando Nautiques. Great selection of new/used boats and happy to chat. I didn't have time to go by any other dealers.


The Water Ski Hall of Fame was closed both days. Bummer. I shipped my ski via Ship Sticks. Great experience.

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  • Baller

I've received some great pointers from Logan and he works well with a terrible course noobie like myself. Hadn't made it over to Brooks YET because he's on opposite end of town for me and there's so many coaching options between us.

Performance Ski is a great retailer! I'm so fortunate to have them local. They have great stock and awesome demo program. I can't imagine buying a ski without a demo program like their's. Bill Porter and Kathy and the rest of the crew are such a valuable resource!

Orlando Nautiques.... Wow what clowns. When my Ski Nautique needs service beyond my ability I'll make the 1.5 hour trip to Huston Mastercraft.

Glad to see Tom take advantage of all Orlando has to offer for the waterski community.

Really wish Hall of Fame had a better schedule, hadn't been able to make it there myself.

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  • Baller_
I have lessons scheduled with Jodi in April. Staying at a resort 2 miles from his site. I am hoping to get at least a free ski or two here before the trip and get the soreness out of the way. Maybe, I can even get a little timing back. Otherwise, it will be 6 months off the water when I arrive there.

The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.

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