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R-style sizing?


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According to a chart at h2oproshop, my actual foot length of about 10.5 inches would put me in a size 8 shell. That seems crazy with a size 11 foot. Or is the sizing totally unrelated to U.S. shoe size?


(Yes, I can just ask h2oproshop, but there's a lot of experience available here and others here may also want to know the answer.)

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@OB1 I tried my first set last night on R style, having been in Powershells since 2011. It felt strange but I ran a few passes at the end of the set. The thing I noticed was that my rear knee is locked in behind my front. I think thats a good thing? I've only done it because I'm scared about injury in thePS's. But do I persevere with the R style & supershell? or go back to my comfy PS's? I know you can get hurt in anything, but another friend just got done by the PS non release. Looks like @horton is on a reflex now as in the Arc review.
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@Than_Bogan – Also have a 10.5 foot and use a “10” size R-style rear shell with an “XL” liner (thicker - Reflex stock R-style liner).


The FB “Supershell (heat-gun flattened forefoot as well) is an “8” size and comfortable with the thinner stock Reflex liner.


Regarding the rear R-style I end up cutting a bit of the toe off and heat gun-flattened the fore foot so it rides all flat against the plate as well as allow getting my foot span at 11.75”.


Mounting it as “stock” always felt to have too much lateral rocking motion. So I use my own stainless T-nuts (2 fore, 2 aft) to keep the shell firmly affixed to the plate. Also, the stock larger hex shaped T-nuts (not stainless) supplied by Reflex (at least those in the recent past) have corroded and then become loose through the lateral rocking motion (being they're placed in the center-line) and subject to stripping. This can be particularly annoying when occurring at an away tournament site.


You may be able to get away with a “8” R-style rear shell if you cut the toe off, flatten, and wear a “L” liner, can’t say not having tried. However the “10” with the “XL” thick R-style liner is a good fit for my narrow 10.5 foot. Finally I prefer the black R-style liner as it does not absorb water. The original “silver” liner for the R-style fit was comfortable but soaked up water like a sponge and didn’t feel as good around the foot after a few passes.





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