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Centurion BallOfSpray Cash Prize at Bell Acqua - running order


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John Horton

Mark Turner

Jana Grubbs

Kristin Winter

Randy Grubbs

Blaze Grubbs

Robert Muhlitner

Will Bush

Gary Storey

Ty Vaio

David Ohara

Ryan Hinkle

Gary Wallace

Tim Vaio

Dave Buchli

Mike Parsons

Chris Springs

Brad Hartwell

Jeff Goldman

Eric Francois

Marc Austin

Johnny Haw

Paul Crawford

George Canepa

Steven Grubbs

Richard Doane

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Scott Larson

Steve Ware

Bruce Dodd

Kevin Bishop

Dave Miller

Bailey Austin

Makayla Haw

Manon Costard

Cole Giacopuzzi

Ryan Canepa

Nick Parsons

Terry Winter

Corey Vaughn

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@John Brooks They made the mistake of putting me in a central tower where I could not see the gates and told me to only call buoys. The gates were on cameras at the other tower.

Horton is first skier off the dock. It's a bit cold. I believe he needs to freeze a little.

I call Tower C "0" before the other tower can call in.

Gate review on his opener, while he freezes...


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@scotchipman thanks man. The conditions are off the hook good. Should be hard to ski and run the event but the team Grubbs and @bishop8950 made everything easy for me.
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  • Baller
Anyone seen my handle around there? Blue and white, has my name and e-mail address on it. Couldn't find it this AM when I was packing up. Will pay $20 to have it shipped if you find it. If not I will just get another one, its nearing its end.
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