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2017 BOS Predictions

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  • Baller_

@Jody started this idea, but I see much more in my crystal ball:


1. Dave Goode will introduce the “Best ski he’s ever made”.

2. Freddy Krueger will announce his retirement from competitive jumping. He will still have trouble sitting down for obvious reasons.

3. @MS will be arrested for chasing little kids off his lawn with a shotgun. His defense will be “but they were messing up my yard worse than those #$%^ geese. Plus I hate kids”

4. @SkiDawg will sell all his mountain bikes so he can focus on skiing. A quick search of recent mountain bike race results reveals that Mrs_Dawg kicked his butt 4 races in a row. He denies that has anything to do with it.

5. @Bonehead will return to competitive skiing after completing AA’s 12 step program. He spends all day Saturday telling everyone who will listen how great it is being sober and encourages every skier to quit drinking. His body is found Sunday morning with his neck chained to the 6 ball anchor. An autopsy reveals a BAC of 0.41. His death is ruled accidental

6. @Razorskier1 plans to attend the 3rd BOS tournament but was detained at the airport by TSA. He was released 4 days later with the only explanation being “you can’t be too careful with those terrorists”.

7. A SCR Senior Driver will pull a national slalom record. Upon boat path review, the TC is heard commenting “That’s as straight a boat path as I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand why he flipped off the camera at the end of the pass”.

8. @dchristman quits dabbling with skiing and starts his own beer connoisseur website. BOS web traffic drops by 50%.


If it was easy, they would call it Wakeboarding

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  • Baller
The Adam and Adam team offer @Wish & @Than_Bogan full time jobs as Denali test guinea pigs. The job pays 1 lb of peanuts per set and they must move to Charleston, SC. Reports come in that both tell their families “Charleston is really not that far.”
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  • Administrators

@Bruce_Butterfield I'll bet you a six pack of beer that Freddie does not retire this year. Every year I asked him why the hell he is still jumping and he just grins. I suspect you can have his jump skis when you pry them out of his cold dead fingers.


( Freddy if you're reading this.... there's a t-shirt idea in the above text)

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