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Bought a used Denali........Need Settings


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Bought a used 65" Denali on SIA. Are used ski owners eligible for the Denali forum? Was hoping for some input on binding/fin setup. I am a LFF (6ft, 150lb), 22'-28' off 34mph skier with some success at 32' off as well. Was on a 2015 66" Lithium Vapor last year which I like and will be keeping in case things don't work out with the Denali. My bindings are a T-Factor front with a Wileys low single wrap rear.
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Is it one of the original prototypes (flat-black top) or the 2016 production version (hex grid visible on top)? The settings probably wouldn't be that different, but it would still be useful information I think.


I do think the 65" is probably the right size for you. The Denali design can support a lot of weight, so I believe the next size up would feel too big at 150.

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@smalor The first thing you want to do is make sure the depth offset screw is on the correct side. For a LFF skier the screw should be on the right side of the fin block.


Start with these settings:

Front boot 30.25"

Rear boot back one hole from normal for you relative to the front boot

Length - 6.960 (tips)

Depth - 2.480 Deep Side, 2.440 Shallow Side

DFT .980

8 wing



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