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@Horton - @BlueSki is correct. First ride of the year...it feels like I’m already behind.


@skiinxs - then shame on AWSA. That’s a serious (cybersec) party foul. I’ll take the non-panda swipe for the member number; but birthdates shouldn’t be out in the open.

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@mfjaegersr your birthday is not out in the open. Your year of birth is. There is no actual viable information exposed on the USA waterski website except for your average ball count. I would also argue that your date of birth is not actually a worrisome datapoint and your Social Security number has been exposed so many times there's no point in worrying about it also.

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@Horton Risk, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve had my identity compromised twice, despite a career in IT and cyber security, and above-average awarenesss and diligence. So, I realize I can’t stop it (ID theft), yet I can make it ‘not easier’ by protecting my info reasonably.


Times have definitely changed, often not for the better and certainly not in this case.


Anybody else keep a ski journal BTW?! (An encrypted point in my original post...) ?



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  • Baller_

Ok since when is there a limit on unsolicited crap taken by anyone on this board?


A number of years back I had some tools stolen out of my barn. Right after that I engraved my ssn on many of my tools and toolboxes. Idk if that was a good idea or not, but haven’t had anything stolen since.


I do keep a ski journal, but can’t remember if it includes ipa records or not.


WTF was this thread about anyway?

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