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Horton Horton

Open Men's Slalom Wide Open This Year?


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  • Baller
So far you've got Degasperi and Asher having won 2 of the biggest tournaments so far. Howley and Descuns been in the mix in both. I'm sure we'll see some wins from Freddie, but it doesn't look like he'll be a shoe-in in Nate's absence. Looking like it will be pretty balanced.
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  • Baller_
i can’t vouch for this information, but I have heard from credible sources that Nate’s suspension is “under appeal.” Whether this is a Safe Sport procedure or a lawsuit or what, I don’t know. The upshot is that Nautique is apparently holding Nate’s spot at the Masters until a day or two prior to the start in case the “appeal” is successful. I understand that if Nate is out, JT is in.


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