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Grow the sport! Pass the Handle


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Grow the Sport!! #passthehandle




We always talk about growing the sport of water skiing, and introducing new enthusiasts to the sport. Making your fist full pass in slalom course is amazing or landing and skiing away your first jump is something you will always remember! But why do we make is so hard on ourself to let the sport grow? Why do only those who can afford to live on private lake get that experience?


I live in Phoenix, AZ where you have beautiful year round skiing weather! We only have a few accessible public lakes that are accessible for daily usage, but also have 6 private ski lakes. As many people on public lakes know it’s almost impossible to get the counties to agree to place a temporary ski course let alone a jump ramp. Learning to ski on open water is where its at however to grow the sport you will want to introduce them to a course! Thats when you real “bug” sets it teeth!


But what about bring those of us who are not able to buy a million dollar home on a private lake, or buy a lot for thousands of dollars with a monthly HOA fee that I can’t afford only to have access to those ski courses and jump ramps? Myself like so many others love to ski the course and even hit the ramp and have been lucky in my life to work at ski schools to have all this availability. However here is sit today with no options to get a pull through a course! Every lake in this city you must own property to be able to ski. Sure I can drive to California and have that options but that is only something that can happen a few times a year.


I understand that every part of the country is different with more or less access to lakes. Washington has many lakes and you are able to get “memberships” for reasonable cost to access that slalom course or jump ramp. I understand that those who are able to buy a million dollar home don’t want random people skiing on their lake! Here in Phoenix they are doing everything they can to not grow the sport! Keeping people away from growing the sport. Why is it so difficult to run a pay per pass or membership options that will not break the bank!


I love the sport of waterskiing and all aspects of it! Hitting the lake doing some wake boarding and surfing is always fun! It’s accessible to anyone, but for those of us that want to push our skiing and grow the sport that comes with the challenge of the course! How can we as a community come together to grow the sport?

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