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I just got a new ski and now I want to get another ski.


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Hi all,

I just purchased a Radar Union. I like the ski, but now I want to get another one. I really like the Radar I think it going to work out great for what I want to use it for. I want to get into course skiing and I keep get stuck skiing in rough water conditions. I already I have 2 other skis a CX and Carbon V. I found a seller on eBay selling a A3 for cheep and now I think I need it. Its all because I got the Union now I want to try a High end ski. I'm like I have a lower end ski, a middle end ski, a little higher middle end ski and now I need a high end ski.

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  • Baller

It would make more sense to get a Senate or Vapor of the same shape as your Union.


I have never skied an A3 but there is probably a reason that when it was only 2-3 years old it was on clearance for $300 new.


Edit: I am not saying one of the three skis you already have aren’t good enough for you.

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