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Enter to win a 2023 Radar Vapor ProBuild


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Fill out the 2022 BallOfSpray Boat Survey for a chance to win a 2023 Radar Vapor ProBuild. (Shipping outside the United States not included.)

Click here => https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZN6WFJ5

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@Than_Bogan, not really an objection, but just noting that I am forced to pick at least one aspect that's "better" than gas--even if I don't really agree that any of the options are "better"--if i want to win a ski. I picked "reduced noise" or however it was phrased, because I am sure electric is quieter, but I am still not sure I'd prefer a silent boat to a growling V8. Quiet/silent might really grow on me, but I still prefer a v8 growl in trucks and sports cars to silent electrics so who knows. If there were a none-of-the-above option I would have hit that at this point in time.

I might be persuaded that "less maintenance" is better if the initial costs were equal, but I have also heard the Nautique electric boat has been nothing but problems and is also a $100k up-charge over the gas. Maybe ask me again when the electrics are ready for prime time and proven reliable.

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