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KD Sports is excited to announce that KD USA has set up a partnership with S-Lines ropes and handles


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KD Sports is excited to announce that KD USA has set up a partnership with S-Lines ropes and handles. 

We have taken this step to enable us to expand the KD product range and make it available through a structured dealer network and improved distribution operation. KD skis has a rich history in the sport of water skiing including current World Records, titles and podiums. We continually seek to increase our range and make it available to the top athletes and the recreation enthusiast. 

Although S-Line is relatively new to the competitive water ski market, They have proven to deliver great products backed by great customer service. Now, that same great customer service will be available to all customers of the KD brand here in the USA. 

We at KD pride ourselves in customer service and meeting the needs of the water skiing families and our line of products include not only some of the very best slalom and trick skis on the market, but also a huge variety of goods and toys for all water sports. 

S Lines and KD USA look forward to working together to provide great products and exceptional customer service to the water sports market.

Please reach out to us, whether you are an end user or a dealer looking to add KD or S-Line products to your range for the coming season. We would be happy to discuss the opportunities or where the closest dealer is located to set you up with one of our products.

KD Watersports

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