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    It was an exciting day today at the 2nd and final day of the 2014 Australian Open ProAm! A lot of great skiing in both of the Open Men and Women divisions. It started out with the second round. Emma and Geena put up some great scores and we could see it was going to be a battle for the title in the womens finals.
    Round 2 Results
    Open Women
    AUS Emma Sheers 2@39
    GER Geena Krueger 2@39
    USA Bailey Austin 3.5@35
    RSA RobynViljoen 2.5@32
    For the men, scores were a little better for some guys in the 2nd round and the cut was 3@39off to get into the top 8 and advance to the finals. I ran 5@39 in the second round. It didn’t feel as good as Saturday’s first round but I was still pleased to have one of the top scores. My first two passes were great but I jumped on it at 1 at 38 and that intensity stayed with me the rest of the set. It rained a lot on Saturday and throughout the night, so the water was a little colder on Sunday; so it was a little faster which some skiers liked.
    Round 2 Results
    Open Men
    ITA Thomas Degasperi 3@41
    USA Brian Detrick 5@39
    GBR Will Asher 5@39
    ITA Carlo Allais 5@39
    USA Corey Vaughn 5@39
    AUS Nick Adams 4.5@39
    CZE Adam Sedlemajer 3@39
    AUS Joel Howley 2.5@39
    USA Brooks Wilson 5@38
    RSA Eamon Van Der Merwe 5@38
    USA Austin Abel 2.5@38
    AUS Joel Wing 3.5@32

    The finals fields were set and the Australians were lined up on the shore to see some great skiing. The women all started the finals off right with all of them putting up their best scores of the weekend. Geena set the bar with 2@39 to put the pressure on the veteran Emma Sheers. Emma is a strong skier and faught her way to victory as she squeaked around three ball to get 2.5@39. It was still great skiing by Geena as she came close to getting a piece of three which would have broke her own German National record of 2@39.
    http://briandetrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/20140301_213750-1024x576.jpgAwards Presentation
    Open Women
    1 AUS Emma Sheers 2.5@39
    2 GER Geena Krueger 2@39
    3 USA Bailey Austin 1@38
    4 RSA RobynViljoen 3@32
    The men picked up right where the women left off. Adam “Sledgehammer” Sedlemajer started off the finals with a huge score of 2@41 and Nick Adams was second off and he ran 2@41 as well. I don’t think the Aussie crowd could have asked for a better way to start the finals. As the top 3 seeds, Joel Howley, myself and Thomas Degasperi stood on the dock, 2@41 was still in the lead with 3@39 was a tie for 3rd place. Joel went out in front of his home crowd and ran 2@41. The Aussie crowd was thrilled to see their two countryman tied for the lead with 2 skiers to go. I was up next and felt a little pressure but I was focused on my “Q’s” and determined to ski well. I felt good at my early passes and had a good start at 39. I had a few bobbles but just continued to stay patient and was able to finish the pass. I was now at the money pass and really wanted to get a piece of 3 to take the lead but I wanted to make sure I got at least a full 2. I had a great gate but I was a little slow and on the tail out of 1, I pulled hard to 2, got the ski around and quickly attempted to “S” turn; which I struggle with on my on side turn. I wasn’t burning speed as quickly as I wanted but I was able to get a tight line and load the rope as hard as I could to squeak through the boat guides in time for the full 2. So there was now a 4 way tie for first at 2@41. TGas was now on the water and he had run 3@41 both rounds and was looking good so far in the tournament. He ran 39 again so it was now a waiting game. All eyes were on the water as he approached the course at 41 off. From talking to the crowd, they wanted to see him get two so there would be a 5 way fun off. TGas didn’t have a very good one, he pulled to 2 (everyone thought he would stand up), but he tried to crank 2 and fell in. I quickly found myself in a 4 way tie for 1st with Joel, Sledgehammer and Nick. We were going to have to do a run off and start at 39. Joel went first and had great conditions as he ran 39 and got 2@41 again. As the boat came back to the dock it began to rain. Nick went out and ran 2.5@39. As it continues to rain, I was up next. I had a decent start but got a little deep at 4 and rushed 5 and fell in for a score of 4.5@39. Sledgehammer wore glasses/goggles to try and see better in the rain but having not skied in about an hour, he had a challenge ahead of him. He had a great one but he had a big 2 and stood up at 3 to secure 3rd place. Congrats to Joel Howley for winning his 1st Pro Tour Event! It was great to have some new faces on the podium. This was probably the youngest podium finish in a long time with all three of us being between 21 and 26 years old. http://briandetrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/20140301_213801-1024x576.jpgOpen Men Finals
    1 AUS Joel Howley 2@41 – 2@41 off in run off
    2 USA Brian Detrick 2@41 – 4.5@39 off in run off
    3 CZE Adam Sedlemajer 2@41 – 3@39 off in run off
    4 AUS Nick Adams 2@41 – 2.5@39 off in run off
    5 ITA Thomas Degasperi 1.5@41
    6 ITA Carlo Allais 3@39
    7 USA Corey Vaughn 3@39
    8 GBR Will Asher 1@39

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    I feel a bit older today. Yesterday (in Australia, today back home) was my 25th birthday. I had a great day taking my final ski ride before the 2014 Australian Open ProAm; which is quickly approaching. Last night to celebrate I went into town with some skiing friends who are here for the event as well. We went to a great Tai place right on the water in downtown Port Macquarie. We had a great view as the sun set and boats came into the port. Below is a picture of the group that went out. From left to right: Jane and Al Limbrick from England, the newlyweds Will and Nicole Asher from England and Canada, myself, my dad Steve, Austin Abel from South Carolina and Carlo Allais from Italy. At the end of dinner Will and Nicole had a nice surprise for me. The waitress brought out a cheesecake with candles on it and everyone starting singing happy birthday. We then walked across the street to a small bar that had a live band. We stayed there for a bit and then called it a night. I had a great birthday and thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes!

    While we were eating, there were thousands of bats flying in the air. The picture I captured is below.
    It has been raining off and on all day today. It is the hardest it has rained since I have been here. This is great since it will fill up the lakes since they are low but I am hoping the storm will be past so we will have sunshine for the tournament.
    http://briandetrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/STONEYPOSTER-PRINT-A2-731x1024.jpgMasterCraft ProStar 2014 Australian Open ProAm Poster
    Today was a rest day for me; besides doing a little yoga session, and then tomorrow the 2014 Australian Open ProAm starts.  There are a about 50 skiers; both professional and amateurs.  Tonight we will have a little welcome and skiers briefing and the drawing of “teams”; 2 amateurs will be teamed up with a pro.  Below is the order of events and a running order for the pros. I will post results from each day to keep everyone around the world updated since there will not be a webcast.
    Order of Events:
    Amateurs – 1st round
    Open Women – 1st round
    Open Men – 1st round
    Amateurs (1st half have 2nd round)
    Open Women – 2nd round
    Open Men – 2nd round
    Amateurs (2nd half have 2nd round)
    Open Women Finals (top 4)
    Open Men Finals (top 8)
    Running Order
    Open Women Slalom Round 1 Starting list
    1 Viljoen Robyn RSA
    2 Austin Bailey USA
    3 Krueger Geena GER
    4 Sheers Emma AUS
    Open Men Slalom Round 1 Starting list
    1 Van Der Merwe Eamon RSA
    2 Wing Joel AUS
    3 Wilson Brooks USA
    4 Vaughan Corey USA
    5 Abel Austin USA
    6 Howley Joel AUS
    7 Sedlmajer Adam CZE
    8 Detrick Brian USA
    9 Adams Nicholas AUS
    10 Allais Carlo ITA
    11 Degasperi Thomas ITA
    12 Asher William GBR

    Follow Brian at http://briandetrick.com/  twitter @brian_detrick or on facebook/Brian-Detrick
    I’ve had another great couple of days here at Stoney Park. Al Limbrick, from England,  who has a house at Stoney Park, invited a few of us over for dinner. It was great to have a home cooked meal and relax and catch up with Al and a few other skiers. Below is a picture from that night. From left to right, Al Limbrick, myself, Brooks Wilson, Corey Vaughn, my dad Steve and Will Lhommelett from France.
    The Port Macquarie area has been in a water drought much like it is back home in California. They have not been getting much rain and the lakes at Stoney Park opporate off of rain water. They have been pumping water in from a brackish river in order to have the lakes skiable. The lakes are still vary shallow and you have to be careful dropping and getting up at each end; especially since it is hard pan at the bottom. Some skiers have already dinged their fins. The tournament is only a few more days so skiers are starting to show up and take practice rides to get ready for the 2014 Australian Open. I will be posting running orders and info about the event in my Australia Update #3.

    The other day my dad and I went into town to the Billabong Zoo – Koala and Wildlife Park.  This park is Port Macquarie’s World Renowned Koala Breeding Centre. We were able to see a variety of Australian and exotic animals. I had some fun videoing the animals with my Liquid Image Ego Camera. We were able to get up close with kangaroos and see a massive crocodile that was 4.6 meters long (about 14 feet).  Below is a video compiled of pictures and videos from our day at the park. The park used twists to American Movies to name their areas. For example: Jurassic Pond and Jungle Bird.

    http://briandetrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/20140225_122933-576x1024.jpgbaby salt water crocodile
    http://briandetrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/20140225_123907-1024x576.jpg4.6 meter (about 14 feet) long crocodile named Shrek
    http://briandetrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/20140225_125903-1024x576.jpgShrek under water ready to jump out and grab some food

    Orlando, FLA (February 26, 2014) %E2%80%93 The manufacturer of the world-class brand Nautique is proud to announce an increased prize purse for the distinguished 55th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament to be held at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia from May 23-25, 2014 over the Memorial Day Weekend.
    Maintaining the elite status of the Masters, the tournament's overall prize purse is increasing by 22% that will be divided among the professional disciplines. This makes the Masters the most sought after watersports event with the largest prize purse in the U.S.A.
    Official invitations based on the set criteria have been sent to the world's best athletes from 17 different countries in slalom, trick, jump, wakeboard, and wakeskate. View the competitive line-up and be sure to order your tickets before April 3rd to save on pavilion passes, for an up-close and personal experience of the most prestigious watersports event in the world.
    " nautique is committed to the continual improvement of masters most respected watersports event with largest prize purse in u.s.a. our team thrilled announce this year invitees and we look forward another record breaking performances on waters robin lake stated president bill yeargin.>

    An invitation to compete in the Masters is universally considered an acknowledgement of achievement for reaching the pinnacle in a given watersports discipline - only the world's most elite athletes compete at the Masters. This tournament is sanctioned by IWWF/USA Water Ski and WWA. For more information on the most prestigious event in the world please visit masterswaterski.com.

    Snowboard certainly showed the World some of the most exciting contests ever seen in the Winter Games. The IOC focus on more new youth focused sports has certainly been successful. When it comes to the Summer Olympic Games, Wakeboard is almost identical to Snowboard – but on the water which is available worldwide. With floating obstacles and high altitude gymnastics in the air, it pushes the athletes to the limit. Fans will have an opportunity to see this for themselves at the 39th WORLD CUP Stop of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) on March 15/16. This will be part of the annual Action Sports Games in Mandurah, Western Australia. To add further to the level of audience appeal – and over 100,000 spectators are expected on site in Mandurah - this WORLD CUP Stop will add WATERSKI JUMP to the WAKEBOARD programme. Jumpers will hit the floating Ramp in excess of 100kph to fly over 65m in an effort to win this first Stop of the 2014 season. All can be enjoyed FREE on the WORLD CUP Webcast at www.IWWF.tv  At this stage, the Entry List is closed. Competition for places as always was fierce. The Starting Dock on the turquoise crystal clear waters of Mandurah will now include Skiers and Riders from 24 countries – and perhaps a few Dolphins and Penguins! These will include Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Sweden, Thailand and USA. Both men and women will compete for the six WORLD CUP medals and cash prizes available.  On the Entry List are all the current World Champions. They include Wakeboard World Champions Harley Clifford (AUS) and Raimi Merritt (USA), plus Jump World Champions Jacinta Carroll (AUS) and Freddy Krueger (USA). As this will be the first World Cup Stop on the 2014 calendar, all have a lot to prove. This will certainly guarantee a thrillingMarch 15/16 weekend.  MasterCraft will again provide the boats and support services.  

    You can also follow the Hashtags : #MandurahWorldCup and #ActionSportsGames
     WEBCAST :www.IWWF.tv
     YouTubePROMO   WORLD CUP SERIEShttp://www.youtube.com/user/IWSFworldCUP FACEBOOKhttps://www.facebook.com/actionsportsgames1https://www.facebook.com/IWWFED?ref=hl TWITTER#ActionSportsGames#MandurahWorldCup WEBSITEShttp://www.actionsportsgames.com.auhttp://www.WaterskiandWakeboardWorldCup.com
     The provisional Timetable is as follows : FRIDAY March 14th07.00 – 14.30 Official Practice        SATURDAY March 15th08.00 – 09.15 Women – Jump Semi Finals09.15 – 11.15 Women – Wakeboard Semi Finals11.15 – 13.45 Men – Jump Semi Finals13.45 – 16.15 Men - Wakeboard Quarter Finals16.15 – 17.45 Women – Wakeboard LCQ18.00 – 18.30 Show Ski Western Australia SUNDAY March 16th08.30 – 10.30 Men – Wakeboard LCQ10.30 – 11.20 Women – Jump Final11.30 – 12.30 Men – Jump Final12.30 – 14.30 Men – Wakeboard Semi Finals14.30 – 15.30 Women – Wakeboard Finals15.30 – 16.30 Men – Wakeboard Finals16.30 – Double Up Competition17.00 – Awards Presentation on site                  
    CONTACT : Des Burke-Kennedy, Media Chairman, International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation

    Follow Brian at http://briandetrick.com/  twitter @brian_detrick or on facebook/Brian-Detrick
    I left home on Thursday evening, after 24 hours of traveling and one long 15 hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, I arrived in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia on Saturday morning. After a short 20 minute car ride I arrived to Stoney Park in Telegraph Point. This is where I will be training this week and it is the site of the 2014 MasterCraft Australian Open. Jason Stone developed the park in the early 2000′s. There are 2 man made water ski lakes; both lakes have a ramp and the front lake even has a few wakeboard obstacles. One of the lakes runs north south and the other east west; so one lake is always skiable. They also offer housing. You can rent a bunkhouse, two different types of cabins or even camp.
    For the first time, my dad is traveling with me to a pro tour event. It will be great to have my practice driver and coach with me as I continue to get ready for the Australian Open and Moomba Masters.

    The last few days I have been skiing and I am enjoying being able to ski in just board shorts and a vest. Back home I had been skiing in a drysuit November through mid January and the last month or so I have been in a full body wetsuit. Last night my dad, Brooks Wilson and I ventured out to explore Port Macquarie. I was able to see a lot more of the city than when I was here 2 years ago. Port Macquarie beaches are known as the official Bodyboarding Capital of Australia. We walked a few miles along the port, saw some great views and had a great dinner. Even though Blockbuster Videos have gone out of business in the U.S., they still have a presence here in Australia. I am taking today off of skiing to give the body some rest. I plan on going to the BILLABONG Koala and Wildlife Park today so look for a post about that and other posts about my stay in Australia, the Australian Open and Moomba Masters events.
    http://briandetrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/hdr_00009_1-1024x763.jpgSunset in Port Macquariehttp://briandetrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/20140224_174200-1024x576.jpg

    We challenge the five AWSA regions to see how many new members they can bring to USA WaterMembers must be registered in the Active (Full Active, Family Active or Under 25) or GrassRoots categories.  At the end of the year, Headquarters' computers will automatically tally the number of new AWSA members. The region with the most new members will receive $200 CASH for their Region to be used as the winning Region determines.
    Which club will enroll the most new USA Water Ski members in 2014?Members must be registered in the Active (Full Active, Family Active or Under 25) or GrassRoots categories. While we welcome guest members, they will not be counted in thisAt the end of the year, Headquarters' computers will automatically tally the list of new USA Water Ski members for 2014 and determine which members have affiliated with a club. The club with the greatest number of new USA Water Ski members affiliated with them will RECEIVE A FREE CLUB MEMBERSHIP FOR 2015 and a $100 donation to their club (a $200 value). 3.       CLUB SANCTIONING CHALLENGE
    Which clubs will host the most sanctioned events in three separate categories during 2014?! Basic Skills Clinics GrassRoots Tournaments Officials' Clinics At the end of the year, Headquarters' computers will tally the three separate lists. The clubs with the most sanctions in each category will receive $100 CASH.
    We challenge our collegiate water ski and wakeboard clubs to promote membership. At the end of the year, Headquarters' computers will tally the list of USA Water Ski collegiate club members and determine which club had the most new members. The club with the most new members affiliated with their club will receive a complimentary USA Water Ski club membership for 2015 and a $100 donation to their(a $200 value).

    **Note: New members are people who have not been a previous member of USA Water Ski. We hope our USA Water Ski membership and sport disciplines will continue to embrace these growth incentives and encourage more people to get on the water and affiliate with USA Water Ski.  

    Free Skiing and Accommodations at Bell Acqua Lake 1
    ving and roster is 20 plus.
    - 2 Club boats 2005 and 2014 Promo Nautique
    - Record capability course
    - Jump resurfaced in 2014
    - Free on site accommodations (25 ft. trailer with full hook ups)
    - 6 local tournaments (may trade registration fees for work)

    - Be available for members, driver, instructor, and outside lessons
    - Keep boats clean
    - Help with Slalom & Jump Course maintenance
    - Keep dock cleaned, orderly and vacuumed
    - Help with tournament set up and break down
    A plus would be to have Open level 3 event Ski Instructor skills and a Drivers rating
    Please contact:
    Phil Todd       916-798-0908 ptbalake@comcast.net
    Mike Todd      916-919-5726 mtbalake@comcast.net

    ORLANDO, FLA (February 21, 2014) %E2%80%94 World Jump Champion Jacinta Carroll and French National Jump Record holder Marion Mathieu have joined the esteemed team of Nautique athletes.
    Australia’s Jacinta Carroll is a three-event water skier that had an impressive 2013 competitive season in jump starting with a second place finish at Moomba Masters, then claimed first place at the U.S. Masters before going on to win five more pro water ski tournaments. Carroll finished her season with a gold medal at the World Water Ski Championships and is currently ranked first on the IWWF Elite Ranking List.
    "My first ever tournament boat was a Nautique and being a part of this highly regarded team is literally a dream come true. I am thrilled to be sponsored by the best boat company in the world and train behind the world record breaking Ski Nautique 200," stated Jacinta Carroll.
    Marion Mathieu is from Mont de Marsan, France and began competing at the age of seven years old. Mathieu is currently a member of the French National Team and holds the French National Jump Record of 177 feet. A true 3-event skier, Mathieu previously won the bronze medal for overall in 2009 and 2011 at the World Water Ski Championships, she also recently finished second in overall at the 2013 Moomba Masters placing second in tricks, and third in the jump event.
    Marion Mathieu commented, “It’s an honor and a longtime dream to become part of such a legendary company. I’m not only looking forward to being part of the team but also skiing behind the industry’s best ski boat, the Ski Nautique 200!”

    “We are excited to add two world class water skiers, Jacinta and Marion to our elite team of athletes,” stated Nautique President/CEO Bill Yeargin. “Both skiers are not only impressive on the water but also off the water and we look forward to helping them succeed in their endeavors, Yeargin added.
    Celebrating 89 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is the owner of Nautique Boat Company, Inc. and Aktion Parks (owner of Orlando Watersports Complex and Miami Watersports Complex). Nautique manufactures the highest quality, most innovative ski and wake-sports boats available worldwide and provides exceptional customer service experiences. To learn more about Nautique and its complete product line, visitwww.nautique.com. To learn more about Aktion Parks visit www.aktionparks.com.

    With just four weeks to go, Australia is all set to launch its strongest ever challenge for World Cup medals. Last year, when the IWWF World Cup combined with the Action Sports Games Mandurah in Western Australia, over 100,000 spectators showed up. With the unprecedented Australian strength in this year’s line-up for the March 15/16 World Cup Stop, even more are expected this year.  For the very best Waterski and Wakeboard athletes from twenty-three countries on the entry-list, this first World Cup Stop of 2014 is where they start their campaign for these cash prizes and coveted titles. This year, the programme includes Wakeboard and Jump for both Men and Women. This combination might just give Australia a real edge over the other twenty-two countries involved.  In Wakeboard, IWWF World Champion Harley Clifford (AUS) is the defending World Cup Wakeboard Champion. This could be his third consecutive Mandurah title. He has also taken the last two World Cup titles in Palembang Indonesia, plus the Moomba Masters title and has been almost unbeatable over the past four years. Pushing him hard will be Tony Iacconi (AUS) and Shota Tezuka (JPN).  Seven-time National Wakeboard Champion Bec Gange (AUS) is also the Mandurah World Cup defending champion. She reached the Podium in Palembang Indonesia and has an Asia Australasia title to her credit. Amber Wing (AUS), already has a string of World Cup medals, including Mandurah, Palembang Indonesia, Sarawak Borneo, and Linyi China. Again, Australia is looking very strong in this event. 

     In Women’s Jump, if she can somehow escape from her University studies for this vital weekend, Jacinta Carroll (AUS) will arrive on site with her new title of World Jump Champion, fresh from those magnificent Championships in Santiago, Chile last November. This will be a huge moment for this young athlete. Once again, against such greats as the World Record holder Natallia Berdnikova (BLR), Marion Mathieu (FRA) and Jutta Lammi (FIN), this will be quite a contest – but Australia will have an edge!  In Men’s Jump, Australia is not so strong at the moment. Once we see the name Freddy Krueger (USA) on the starting list, we know we will witness something special. He was crowned World Jump Champion once again last November. With seven World Jump Records already to his credit, beating him takes a miracle! Certainly capable of doing this is Canada’s Ryan Dodd, with Damien Sharman (GBR) and Scot Ellis (USA) always close. Again, this will guarantee an extraordinary weekend at this Mandurah World Cup Stop.  MasterCraft will provide the competition boats and technical support as they have done for all past 38 World Cup Stops.  Located just south of Perth, the expected 25C / 80F seaside conditions at Mandurah will hopefully make this a perfect location for extreme sports – and a major international sporting occasion!  This year, apart from Waterski and Wakeboard, Action Sports Games Mandurah, will also feature Freestyle Moto X, BMX and Skateboard. All will be staged at the crystal clear water’s edge. For the first time, Murdoch University has joined in as a major partner to promote their extensive nearby Mandurah Peel Campus. The famous annual Channel 7 Crab Fest, which takes place this same weekend, will also attract large crowds to the pristine shoreline. The local Dolphins and Pelicans are expected to return for the World Cup!  Facebook and Twitter updates will be available on the great Riders and Skiers who will launch this 2014 season in Mandurah. Those thousands of World Cup fans will have more opportunities than ever before to follow the action through a great range of Social Media, Webcast and other options available this year:
     WEBCAST :www.IWWF.tv
     YouTubePROMO   WORLD CUP SERIEShttp://www.youtube.com/user/IWSFworldCUP FACEBOOKhttps://www.facebook.com/actionsportsgames1https://www.facebook.com/IWWFED?ref=hl TWITTER#ActionSportsGames#MandurahWorldCup WEBSITEShttp://www.actionsportsgames.com.auhttp://www.WaterskiandWakeboardWorldCup.com
     The provisional Timetable is as follows : FRIDAY March 14th07.00 – 14.30 Official Practice        SATURDAY March 15th08.00 – 09.15 Women – Jump Semi Finals09.15 – 11.15 Women – Wakeboard Semi Finals11.15 – 13.45 Men – Jump Semi Finals13.45 – 16.15 Men - Wakeboard Quarter Finals16.15 – 17.45 Women – Wakeboard LCQ18.00 – 18.30 Show Ski Western Australia SUNDAY March 16th08.30 – 10.30 Men – Wakeboard LCQ10.30 – 11.20 Women – Jump Final11.30 – 12.30 Men – Jump Final12.30 – 14.30 Men – Wakeboard Semi Finals14.30 – 15.30 Women – Wakeboard Finals15.30 – 16.30 Men – Wakeboard Finals16.30 – Double Up Competition17.00 – Awards Presentation on site              
    CONTACT : Des Burke-Kennedy, Media Chairman, International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation

    Statement From USA Water Ski concerning the 2014 Junior Water Ski World Championships: With the 2014 Junior Water Ski World Championships being held in the Ukraine in July/August 2014, USA Water Ski is very aware of the unstable and volatile current situation in that country and is monitoring it closely with the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation. We will be working with the United States Olympic Committee and the U.S. State Department prior to sending any U.S. team to an unstable part of the world. Please click here (PDF) to read a message from the IWWF.The 15th Junior Water World Championships is scheduled for July 29-Aug. 3 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
    Entire article link: http://www.usawaterski.org/default.asp?Display=1838  

     Link to IWWF Message: http://www.usawaterski.org/graphics/downloads/2014JuniorWorldsIWWFMessage.pdf

    Vonore, TN --- MasterCraft Boat Company, the world's leading luxury performance inboard boat manufacturer, and StanCraft Boat Company, the world’s premiere custom wooden boat builder, announced a unique and groundbreaking partnership at the 2014 Miami International Boat Show.  Beginning this year, StanCraft will be offering a limited production run of certain MasterCraft Edition models.  While it will undoubtedly be a 100% StanCraft wooden boat, this year’s X30 MasterCraft Edition borrows its styling cues both in the exterior and interior from the current fiberglass X30.

    StanCraft Boat Company, who has been building these custom high-end, premium wooden masterpieces for over 80 years, is enthusiastic about this new partnership.  “We love watersports so it was a natural fit for us to look at building a wooden wake boat,” said Robb Bloem, owner and president of StanCraft.  “We looked at the market and identified MasterCraft as the best partner because they share our desire to deliver the ultimate customer experience with uncompromised quality that is executed through superior innovation and design.  So about a year ago, we started chatting with MasterCraft to see if they would be interested in partnering with and supporting us in this endeavor and we quickly decided this was going to be great for both our companies and enthusiasts.”
    MasterCraft, who will be providing materials like interior seating, towers, helms, billet aluminum and audio components, is as equally thrilled about this long-term relationship.  “MasterCraft is synonymous with a premium, luxurious experience on the water,” says Jay Povlin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “As such, we think it is common sense to add this partnership to our product portfolio.  At one end of the spectrum we have the soon to be released $50,000 entry-level boat in the NXT.  And then through our partnership with StanCraft, we have a $250,000 option, for a boat equipped as shown at the Miami Boat Show.  From a portfolio standpoint, we have you covered and at the end of the day, we are all about creating compelling reasons to be with the MasterCraft brand.  The partnership with StanCraft allows us to work with a premiere wooden boat manufacturer to reach a whole other audience that will create both MasterCraft and StanCraft enthusiasts.”
    StanCraft will be building a limited production of the X30 MasterCraft Edition and displayed its first one at the Miami Boat Show to rave reviews.  Once the production run is complete, the StanCraft X30 MasterCraft Edition will never be built again.  Robb Bloem at StanCraft indicates that the first 3 have already been sold and that only 7 more will be built.  To find out more about the StanCraft Boat Company, its X30 MasterCraft Edition and how to have one of these wooden beauties built for you, contact StanCraft at 208-457-8000 or go to www.stancraftboats.com.
    Information About the StanCraft X30 MasterCraft Edition Shown at the Miami Boat Show:
    ·       Made of Solid  African Mahogany Wood
    ·       Equipped with a Bow Thruster
    ·       3,500 Man-Hours to Complete
    ·       Boat Length 24’6”, Width 114”
    ·       Powered with Ilmor 7.4L, Catalyzed, 522HP
    ·       Standard Hard Tank Ballast of 1,000lbs
    ·       Equipped with Gen 2 Surf System
    ·       Price as Shown: $250,000

    The 2014 American Water Ski Association Rulebook and Summary of Rule Changes are now available to download. To download the Rulebook, click here (PDF). To download the summary of Rule Changes, click here (PDF).Hard copy rulebooks are available through USA Water Ski headquarters at a charge, but they are 8x11 photocopies, high quality, stapled or hole punched as per request. The cost is $13 per rulebook with shipping; $10 for 10 trick judging pads of 100 ($.50 for each additional pad). Headquarters does not cover the cost of expedited shipping. Expedited shipping charges must be paid in advance of shipping.
    Questions of interpretation and suggestions for improvement or changes in the rules should be forwarded to the AWSA Rules Committee (PDF).  

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