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Recommended weight ranges for Elite


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I found this website with the critical information sought.


I just received my Elite today - moments ago (thank God I worked from home today) and I must say it's very minimal.Â\  There's not a lot of excess material in the construction. I'm thinking that may cause the ski to sit deeper in the water than a typical 65.Â\  Their weight recommendation for their 65 is 125-150lbs, so my uneducated guess may actually be correct.

I bought the ski from a fella' who weighs 175lbs and found it to be too short.


JP :)

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Back on target. Like a lot of skis in the last few years. The Elite seems to ride "Bigger" then expected - so if in doubt you may size down. Someone who thought they were between a 66 & 67 may find the 65.5 Elite to be right. On other skis I go between a 67 and 68  the 68 Elite is plenty big.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I ski at 34, and pretty consistently run 32 off and run 35 here and there (hopefully more if I can start practicing more than a couple rounds a week).  I have a friend that is skiing on a 67" Elite and hope to try his ski in the next couple weeks.  He is heavier than I am, and wanted to ask.

Thanks again for the feedback!!!!

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