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Good News: Found a "perfect" place to build a lake. Not like the pros - in the middle of a field. This place had the right topo, running spring and wind protection at $1500 an acre. Approximately 2100' long.


Bad News: Under contract before I could call the agent. Future hunting club.



Good News: Went to the Dallas Boat Expo to verify the "awesomeness" of the new Prostar. I was an unbeliever. Too much hype. I was wrong, if it skies as good as it looks, MC has taken it to the next level. Well done.


Bad News: Price was $89k. Man, that paid off tug in the barn looked really good when I got home...

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The mastercraft dealer in Dallas has no desire to sell three event boats. His quote to me was. "If I ever sell another waterski boat again it will be too soon" . we no longer have a promo in the north Texas area. I have discussed this with Arron on at least two occasion. All he wants to sell is wake board boats. Last time I was in the market he would not even give me a price. When I heard he had a pro star I was shocked. It does not surprise me that he is asking over list price for the boat.
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