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How you decided what ZO setting to use


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I tried A, B and C when ZO first came out, and liked A best (although I then liked PP better). I had a hard time getting wide on B and C. The second version switched A and C (so the prior A setting was now C, and vice versa), and at this point I had both ZO and PP in my boat, and PP and ZO had at about that time made their deal to settle the patent infringement case, with ZO in the current year boats going forward, so I moved to ZO permenently and a C setting. Then the numbers were introduced, and I tried C1, 2 and 3, and liked 3 best. So I took C3 and left it there on a "set it and forget it" theory and stayed there until the fall of 2013.


Periodically, I'd try something new, just to see how it felt, but never liked any setting enough to switch. Finally, my ski partner (MM, B2 setting) suggested I try B3 after watching me struggle with one thing or another. I immediately felt like I was getting more lean angle off the ball and better direction, and consequently was earlier into the next ball. In one set, I switched permanently.


I tried C3+ and B3+ and got pulled out of my socks, and so I really haven't tried any of the other "plus" settings. I am 6'2"/185, RL Ave. 98+ (may be lower now because I missed the second half of my season and my better scores tend to come after Nationals each year).


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  • Baller
I settled in on C1 based on my feel, boat driver input, ski buddies input, my ball count, and was trying the +, but was running better without the + at the end of the season. THANKS to all that have helped me dial that ZO number in. Even @richarddoane‌ during a tournament as we switched it every pass....... (THAT WAS FUN!) I will say it is good to switch it up now and again and try your hardest pass with something different. I ran a couple 38's this year on A1. I feel like I am behind the whole pass, but it ran it in practice. I do think I am most consistent with the C1
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