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Help with Nano XT problem


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I'm on a Goode 66" NanoXT. I'm a mid 38 skier. Based on my stance the ski seems to be riding with a higher tip than what it should be. The water does not break just in front of my foot, but behind my toes when I'm just riding forward on the ski, but more important it doesn't feel like it's coming down enough in the turn to engage. It doesn't feel like it is settling in the water at the end of the preturn. I feel like it could turn better. I'm looking for ideas. My settings are stock. DFT 6.98-7.05 FL tips 6.845 FD 2.498. I've tried 9-9.5 on the wing. I've tried 29" and 29.375" with the binding.

I've tried a little deeper fin and did seem to make a little difference. Assuming that the way I stand on the ski causes this problem, I'm wondering how far forward I can try moving the binding forward and or how deep can I run the FL or FD. All ideas welcome, thx.

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The Nano One XT tends to ride like that for most skiers @MikeT. It's main characteristics are it's wide forebody, narrow tail, and a lot of rocker. The narrow and rocketed tail makes the tail ride deep (so tip-high), and if you force too much of the wide tip into the water, either with technique or setup, you'll likely get tip-bite.


Although these traits make the Nano look like it's tip attitude is too high, they're what make this ski what it is, a turning machine. It will never ride as tip-low as say a Radar, and trying to make it ride tip-low will just be frustrating.


Moving the fin back only lowers the tip if it is too far forward in the first place. Moving it back much behind Goode's factory spec will just kill smear and make the tip pop up at the finish of incomplete turns—unless you also increase FL and reduce FD by just the right amounts.


So basically, the decision is to set it up so it performs well without much regard for tip attitude, or demo other brands.

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