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Don't forget to tune into Swiss Pro Tricks this Sunday


Horton Horton

Speaking of the metric system vs imperial debate...what genius came up with the class system?


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  • Baller

a few years ago I did an INT tourny, it was so welcoming...so simple. Well, I talked my family into doing a mini vacation to Vermont for the Tom Costello Alan Rossi VT Champs. I thought...hey my wife and son can do the grass roots thing, get a couple runs in, we can get some great beer and I can run the...


WTH!?! M4? OM? MM? GR? Class C?


Oh, well, I am sure its easy to find the answer right?


Let's see...rule book...page 8...ahh simple, I am an M4...but wait 'As to qualification for Open Men, Open Women and Masters divisions, see Rule

3.03. '


Ok...lets see, Rule 3.03....3.03 Elite Division Competition...ok, guess we can skip that.


But what about grass roots, should I do that...hmmm...


Scores for inclusion in the ranking list may be obtained in any sanctioned

tournament, in any of the first three rounds (see Rule 1.02), or first four rounds

(see Rule 1.09C). Exceptions include certain instances in elimination based

competitions (see 13.02). A class F (Grass Roots) score above zero may be

included in the Ranking calculations if it does not exceed the Level 5 Cut-Off

Average from the previous Ski Year Rankings. Those class F scores which

“exceed” the Level 5 Cut-Off Average from the previous Ski Year Rankings may be

included but the score will be reduced to equal the Level 5 Cut Off Average for the

purposes of inclusion in the Rankings calculations.

Scores for inclusion in the ranking list cannot be obtained in a run-off of a tie.

Performances accomplished at a multi-round tournament shall be credited as one

tournament only.




I think I will just stick with the beer.

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  • Baller

The Vermont tournament is always welcoming to skiers of all levels. So whatever you decide you will have a great time there. And yes great beer is around the corner.

There is no easy way to be inclusive to all skiing levels.

Just ski what you ski at a tournament, enjoy it, you are the only one that cares how you do.

The INT may have been fun but good luck finding a INT tournament now. But you still have 30+ year running AWSA class C or R tournaments still going strong. Go figure

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  • Baller

3.02 Divisions


A. Competition for the three major events shall be separated into the following

divisions as determined by the contestant’s age. The “ski year” shall begin on

the day after the conclusion of the Nationals, and shall end on the final day of

the following Nationals. The contestant’s age on December 31 of the ski year

shall determine his division for the entire ski year. For example, if a skier's

birthday within the "ski year" could result in an age division change and his

birthday is between the day after the conclusion of Nationals and December 31

inclusive of that "ski year", he will ski in the older division, beginning the day

after Nationals. Otherwise, he will remain in the younger division for one more

season concluding with the end of the following Nationals.


Age Division Age


Boys 1/Girls 1 9 years and under

Boys 2/Girls 2 (Boys 2/Girls 2)* 11 years and under

Boys 2/Girls 2 (Boys 3/Girls 3)* 13 years and under

Boys 3/Girls 3 (Boys 4/Girls 4)* 17 years and under

Men 1/Women 1 18 - 24 years inclusive

Men 2/Women 2 25 - 34 years inclusive

Men 3/Women 3 35 - 44 years inclusive

Men 4/Women 4 45 - 54 years inclusive

Men 5/Women 5 55 - 59 years inclusive

Men 6/Women 6 60 - 64 years inclusive

Men 7/Women 7 65 - 69 years inclusive

Men 8/Women 8 70 - 74 years inclusive

Men 9/Women 9 75 - 79 years inclusive

Men 10/Women 10 80 – 84 years inclusive

Men 11/Women 11 85 and over


Elite Divisions

Open Men/Open Women any age

Masters Men/Masters Women 35 and over


*All division and speed changes take effect after 2019 Nationals.


Page 8 of the AWSA rule book, pretty clear to me.




INT Slalom Divisions


Men’s Novice – 14 & over – never made a full pass

Women’s Novice – 14 & over

Junior Novice – 13 & under

Junior 4th Class – 13 & under max speed 28 mph

4th Class – max speed 28 mph 15 off line length

3rd Class – max speed 30 mph 15 off line length

2nd Class – max speed 32 mph 15 off line length

1st Class – max speed 34 mph 15 off line length

Advanced – men 35 & over and all women, max 22 off @ 34 mph

Advanced Open – men 35 & over and all women 28 & 32 off @34 mph

Advanced Super Open – men 35 & over and all women, 35 off & shorter @ 34 mph

Junior Expert – 13 & under, working on 22 off @ max 34 mph

(Must meet qualifications (see rulebook for more details)

Expert – men 14-34, max 22 off @ 36 mph

Open – men 14-34, 28 off & up @ 36 mph

Super Open – men 14-34, 35 off & shorter @ 36 mph

Wide Ski Ride Fun – max 28 off @ 30 mph

Wide Ski Ride Super Fun – 32 off & up @30 mph

Wide Ski Ride Open – 38 off & up @30 mph

Men’s Pro Division – Special Pricing

Women’s Pro Division – Special Pricing


Hmmm, a rule book? What? Let's see...

Event scoring, Bonus points, Bumping, Sand Bagging...



At the maximum speed in your division, there is an automatic bump

ball that will move you into the next division. Only Mr. Judge (the

INT software program) will know which ball that is. The criteria that

Mr. Judge takes into consideration are: the total number of events,

number of events you have competed in, the number of events left

in the schedule, and your past performance. A skier may bump without making a complete pass.

• When you bump into a new division, after your first event, you will

be awarded the points in your new division.

• Once a skier enters an event they will remain in the same division

for the entire event. The skier will receive a score and points in their

new division based upon their best performance of the event. The

skier will enter the next event in their new division.


Some mystery formula bumps me around? Hmmm....

And what's this Special Pricing? Hmmm, pretty complicated.


Seems running a competitive sport isn't all that clear cut. Sunshine Marketing has done well over the years with INT. A club I was in put on one of the original tournaments in WA State back in the day, Rick and Larry came to us, and more I won't go into. INT is different but not necessarily better than AWSA. I prefer AWSA.


No need for war between the two. Twist on War Games:


The only winning move is to play.

How about an nice tournament, INT or AWSA?


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