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What did Santa bring ...


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  • Baller_

So what ski stuff or related stuff did Santa bring?


Me... Lots of boat parts. Not exciting but nessisary. Jody Seal makes a great Santas helper... I'd say elf but he'd probably ban me from ordering parts.


Will look onto fun ski stuff for the B-day when it comes around.

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A sweatshirt with a picture of my daughter on it. It was snapped by a Pro during her slalom run at Regionals in Sacramento. Full lean, determined look on her face... priceless!


Bought myself one of those new panoramic mirrors, can't wait to get it this week.


Bought myself the Raley Ventral fin combo, mounted a ready to rip.


Bought myself the 1mm open cell Camaro suit, works terrific!


Lastly, bought myself a new Arm Guard, never ski without one!

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  • Baller

I did buy myself something for myself though! I let my wife have my 11' Expedition and I traded her high mile Jeep Cherookee for a commuter car. The agreement was that I could use the expedition when I need it. Like towing the boat!! Well that never happened I cant get her claws off the thing. So not this summer, bought myself an xmas present. Granted not a new truck or as nice as my 11' was ( wifes managed to crash it, ding it and scratch it) but it will the the job done. And our 2011 Kia Soul pile of crap is garaged till further notice !



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