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Farewell to "my" original boat

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This is the boat I developed my early slalom course "skills" behind.




It was known as "The Big Boat" because it was 15' and we also had a 13' Whaler.


At one time, I ran the purple line behind this boat at full throttle (roughly 32 mph). I purposely don't call it 38 off, because it was attached to a bridal in the back, so in reality was probably about 34 off. Also, our course was rather narrow from lack of sub-buoys on a very very old accufloat -- my dad bought one of the earliest ones; in fact we used aluminum brackets and wooden arms for many years before the switch to PVC. When I made the move to a real ski boat, and had a chance to get accustomed, I found that my skill level equated to about 34/-15.


My parents owned this boat for 36 years, covering most of my life, but last week it was time for a new one. They bought a similar 2012 15' Whaler and my older daughter (not pictured) skied behind it and gave it a thumbs up for recreational skiing. Overall, it's a clearly improved boat. Always surprising when newer is actually better!


(Pictured are my younger daughter and older niece.)


I was tempted to tell the local dealer that he should pitch this used boat as "the boat that THE Than Bogan learned to ski behind." I would have cracked myself up, but I'm sure he would only have stared blankly, so instead I am foisting that joke off on you, the unsuspecting reader!


Farewell, Big Boat!

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@Than-Bogan, I always loved the 13, & 15 classic try hull whalers. I wanted a 13 growing up as a kid on our bog lake, but I had to settle for a 10 foot sears king fisher with a sears 2hp. I would look at the whaler brochures and dream. Later I thought I would get a 13 for my kids growing up, but never did. I bet your 15 really moved with that 70 yawmmy. Thanks for sharing.
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Whalers are absolutely fantastic boats. LOVED growing up with these. Spent hundreds of hours fishing from the 13' and skied almost every day of summer vacation behind the 15'.


In a way it's a bummer that boats have become a lot more specialized. If I could afford and find the time to maintain 2 boats today, I'd have a ski boat and a bass boat, each of which is somewhat poorly suited to anything "off-task."

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