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Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water


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Sorry @MS...That is a bummer..I would like to say, I Love MS and MRS. MS...We were part of the same Airline together and at times I was based in Minny. It is a really GREAT City with the best Restaurants and Bars ever. Even though I never lived there, I can't tell you how many boat shows I attended there, since our Overnight Hotel was linked to the Convention Center. You went from your room in short sleeves, with snow outside, right into the Boat Show.... Right at the entrance to the Boat Show was a Bar with HUGE Drinks. These people know how to put on a boat show in the middle of Winter.


Their summer is to die for. Days are really long and there is no humidity, like we have here in Florida...I would say Winters in Fla, and summers in Minny would be the best of both worlds...Just have a few IPA's, and watch the snow melt, it will get better !!!




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