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Radar Senate C


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Just Joined the Radar Mafia.


So I have going back and forth on what ski to get. I spend most of my time free skiing. Yesterday I walk in to our local sporting goods store and they have some old radar skis. 2009 senate and a 2008 senate. The 08 is marked @ $189 and has a sequence plate and a RTP on it, no front boot. The 09 is marked $309 with a sign thast says it comes with a rail boot and a RTP. Both seem like good deals to me. The only problem is that they don't have any rail boots. So I ask how much for the 09 blank? $219 not bad but I want the sequence plate and that's another $60.

I did not quite understand that one. So I bought the 2008 with the sequence plate and RTP for $189.

I have been on the fence about the size since I am 5' 10" and 200 bills even.

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I bought a 69 the have one more 69 left. Store is in Utah. Also skied it this morning. I need to get new boots. I am using my old Stooker double wraps.



So the numbers for setting up your bindings is that from the tail of the ski to the back of the front boot ? And how do the fin numbers work. Is there a good thread or article on what adjustments do what ?

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  • Baller

Set the binding from the tail of the ski to the rubber on the heel of the front boot.

There's a lot of good fin adjustment information out there. Here's some




I also have a 2008 69" Senate. Use these seting when the water is warm.

Front binding 30"

Length 6.845

Depth 2.50

DFT 0.860


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