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KD Platinum Binding Placement


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  • Baller

Just got a 67" KD Platinum to demo, but a little confused on recommended binding placement.

KD has "Factory Settings" and "Pro Team Settings."  Factory says 29 3/8" and Pro calls for 29 3/4"

That's a 1/2 " difference.   Using my Reflex plate I'm in the very last hole and don't quite get 29 3/4",

but close enough.

I would have thought the Pro settings would be the one with bindings back? Any suggestion where to 

start, maybe split the difference?  I've always tended to run my bindings back a little on Good skis and radar vapor.

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  • Baller

@The_MS: I can make the 29 3/4 work.  Running 28,32

Just wasn't sure which set of numbers to try first.  That 1/2" difference seemed like

a pretty big spread.  My next hole gives me 29 1/2", and the next one is 29 1/4

I usually run long and shallow.    So logic is if bindings are back, go deeper on fin ?

Appreciate your response.


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  • Baller_

If you look at the DFT numbers there is a nice gap between the 2 DFT numbers also. 
I worked both sets of numbers on mine and a few sets with numbers that met half way between but I ended up closer to pro settings. 
My Titanium is at basically the pro team settings 


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